We know how hard marketing your business can be.

When you’re a small business owner, you are confronted with daily decisions on where, when, how and how much to market your business, in addition to addressing all other details that that come with running a business. 

Clear Point Designs has been working with small businesses and non-profits for over 15 years, helping them avoid decision fatigue and marketing overwhelm. After we meet for our initial consultation or call, we will work together in identifying your best path to connect with your customers. As a StoryBrand guide, we will ensure that your company’s story is compelling and driving sales. Then we will update your marketing assets (websites, branding, brochures, emails, etc.) for a cohesive marketing approach.  

How can we help you?

Are you unsure about what marketing help you need? No worries! We have a few different options for you. Whether you have a specific project in mind, or need ongoing support, we can help.

In our first consultation session, we will determine what type of help you need. Then you decide what makes the most sense for your goals and budget.  


As part of our initial strategy session, we will identify your main areas of focus, based on your goals. You can take over from there or you could hire us to implement these plans for you.

Good for: start ups, Storybrand scripts, change in marketing focus


If you already have your plan and clear messaging in place, then a project-based arrangement might be a great fit.

Good for: established businesses/non-profits, small scope projects


The best fit if you are growing and have many needs. Bring us in as your dedicated marketing team. We will prioritize your monthly goals and use our process to achieve your goals.

Good for: start ups and new businesses, large-scope goals,  change in marketing focus

We’ve helped countless business over the last 15 years to make their point clear through the market noise and clutter.

If you are a small business or non profit who is tired of feeling confused
about their marketing plans, we can help.